Wednesday, February 22, 2012

feb week 3

A good week. first two days i was dragging, and the heartbreak 100k didn't go exactly as planned....i felt fine thru the night, but only 11 miles into the rattle run i was exhausted and my feet hurt (shoes too tight). i decided not to struggle and called it a day after kitsuma, wondering if that was the right call. fortunately it seems like it was, my legs were basically recovered the next day and i felt solid for 5 hours on the table rock trail, boosting the totals appreciably. the end of the week has been a contrast to the last, i cranked very well on monday and tuesday.

below you'll find some footage from the second big run of the weekend, 7500' of gain in 21 miles, 3 laps on table rock. the footage may be a bit boring but stick around for the music and the ending.

15th - 4.5 mi w/300' at Lake Oglethorpe.
16th - 11.5 mi w/800' at Lake Oglethorpe.
17th/18th - 36.0 mi w/ 11,000' around WNC.
19th - 21.6 mi w/7,500' at Table Rock.
20th - 11.5 mi w/1,200' at Lake Oglethorpe.
21st - 14.5 mi w/800' on the Blacksnake Loop.

totals for week 3 are: 99.6mi w/21,600'
bringing the 3 week total to 286.7mi w/62,600'

so, i've made my bed....i have 8 days to cover 113.3 miles and gather up 37,400' of climb in order to accomplish the goal.

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