Wednesday, February 29, 2012

end of feb

i'm a bit tired so i'll let the slightly less tired version of me talk...

22nd - 4.5 mi w/300' at Lake Oglethorpe.
23rd - 0
24th - 21.6 mi w/7,500' at Table Rock.
25th - 0
26th - 22.0 mi w/5,600' to Rocky Top in the Smokies.
27th - 28.8 mi w/10,000' at Table Rock.
28th - 14.4 mi w/5,000' at Table Rock.
29th - 28.8 mi w/10,000' at Table Rock.

totals for week 4+ are: 120.1 mi w/38,400'
bringing the february total 406.8mi w/100,000'


Diane KC Hughes said...

And you carried that beard the whole way? Crazy.

carl said...

funny enough, i don't remember it happening last year, but this time around there've been a few windy days where the thing felt like a sail.

UltraBrad said...

fantastic effort for the month! i liked the way you metered your effort to include some long days and some zero days. the older we get, the more complete rest days we need. unfortunately, i've yet to learn that lesson. hopefully you've got some taper time toward the end of march to absorb all the work. keep it up!