Sunday, February 28, 2010

feb recap

f: 20 miles, 2,000' - mind not right for 150 miler
s: 22 miles, 1,000' - fast run.

the last week didn't turn out like originally planned.
i was going to go out with a bang,
a 150 mile bang, the whole georgia AT, twice without stopping.
instead i wimped out and turned around after 10 miles, for a 20 mile workout.
my head just wasn't up to it this time.

with the 20 friday evening, and the 22 sunday evening, i did manage to get to

333.1 miles
70,700' gain

(not quite krupicka's 501 mi, 101,300', gosh that's impressive!?)

for the month.
this is approximately an average of 24 miles and 5,000' every other day.

technically i did not even come close to a real 30 miler every other day.
but i am almost satisfied.

if the last big workout had been accomplished i'd have done the equivalent.
granted, not completing that workout makes the numbers pale in comparison to the goal,
but the first three weeks speak for themselves.
i now have 3 weeks to continue preparing for barkley, and a week to rest.
i believe i can be ready. that was the purpose of the month.

looking forward to the coming 3 weeks of training,
i had a dream last night in which i finished (and won, there were 3 other finishers) the barkley.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


week three february

m: 0.0
t: 0.0
w: 15.5 miles on roads, 900'
t: 15.0 miles on roads, 700'
f: 56.0 miles heartbreak 100k, 17,000'
s: finishing friday run
s: 4.0 miles in marion, mt. ida, 800'

total: 90.5 miles, +19,400'

monday and tuesday were rest

wednesday was a solid an exciting road run that felt good and finished fast with metallica in the ears. it was super cold and windy. windy!

thursday was a tired but solid run in slightly warmer conditions

wow. will add some here soon.

up and over mt ida from matt's place. with lily too.
beautiful day, warm, almost too warm...shook things out.
felt better than expected, but that doesn't mean i felt good!

a bit behind on the goal, but a very solid week, my feet hurt, my legs are heavy, and when i start resting, i'm gonna be getting seriously stronger.

cumulative for feb:
291.1 miles, +65,700'
in mountains:
210.0 miles, +61,700'

Monday, February 15, 2010


week two february

m: 0.0
t: 0.0
w: 11.0 miles on AT, +2,000' (cancelled 50 miler due to conditions)
t: 27.0 miles on roads, +1,200'
f: 10.0 miles at FHSP, +2,000'
s: 16.0 miles at FHSP, +4,000'
s: 10.0 miles at FHSP, +2,600'

total: 74.0 miles, +11,800'

monday and tuesday i was waiting for weather.

wednesday i found it.
high winds, lots of slick ice, very cold temps....i called the 50 miler for safety.

thursday was trying to make up for wednesday. good road running.

friday was 10pm-2am in some more freezing ass cold.

saturday was an abbreviated long day, with good company.

sunday was a wrap up and much needed check of the falls and jaw.

a good week although the miles didn't pile up. next week's got some catching up to do.

cumulative for feb:
200.6 miles, +46,300'

Sunday, February 7, 2010

hop on board

week one february

m: 33.6 miles on AT, +10,300'
t: 0.0
w: 40.2 miles on AT, +12,000'
t: 0.0
f: 0.0
s: 22.0 miles on roads, +1,000'
s: 30.0 miles on AT, +11,200'

total: 125.8 miles, +34,500'

monday was a crashing crystal palace.
all day on a couple inches of crushed ice.

wednesday was COLD. COLD. COLD.

saturday started in a rough way but ended happy.

sunday was icy and snowed without snowing. pretty.

barkley train has left the station. carl is on board.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

new training plan

it's called:

30 miles every other day in february.

the plan is to do alot of miles, and take a lot of rest.
the mileages don't need to be exact, and they just have to average to 30 miles / 2 days.
distance can be put in the bank, and days can be alternated if need be.

the total would be 420 miles in 28 days. not really that crazy when you look at it as 105 mi/week.
plenty of people do that.
the difference will be the long workouts, and the vertical.

if i don't execute the training, i don't see the point in toeing the line at barkley.

here we go.