Monday, October 15, 2012


kim and i got married last sunday, october 7.
after goodbyes and thank yous with loved ones,
we headed north, to get an early preview on winter....
we hiked for 4 days in the white mountains of new hampshire.
it was a new locale for both of us, and it proved to be equal parts adventure and romantic honeymoon.
at the summit of mt guyot on thursday, the temp was in the teens and the wind chill was said to be nearly -20!
here's to starting things off on the right foot!

 galehead hut - heading out on day 2 into the chill

up up up to...

 south twin summit, our first new england 4,000er

little frosty traversing to mt. guyot

excited to be a new, awesome place

 nearing guyot summit

zealand mountain....the summit?! or some mud in the middle of ice?

white mountain trails are steep

view from zeacliff - wow.

 SE from zeacliff

hiking down

from winter back into fall 1000' below. 

zealand falls

in front of zealand hut, heading out on morning 3

boggy spot

looking up the trail

love this one

that's mt washington in the clouds (from mt tom)

looking back up at mt tom from near crawford notch