Thursday, November 13, 2014

+1 year, NZ teaser post

Holy Cow.
Over a year since the last post.

Work took over. The shop consumed life.
There were still adventures, but few of them were outdoors.

Time to re-center.

Here's a teaser from the 3 weeks Kim and I just spent in New Zealand.
We'd both always wanted to go there, because of the amazing topography, flora and fauna of these islands deep in the Pacific.

We missed most of cultural heritage spots, in order to maximize the natural wonder we got to witness.

More complete post, with more pictures (including some panoramas I'm excited to see on a screen bigger than 3"!), to follow.

White Island - we flew there in a helicopter

 View from the Coromandel Peninsula


 Whangarei Falls

 Lots of hilly pasture by the sea 

Amazing Eastern coast of the Coromandel

On the way to White Island