Tuesday, February 14, 2012

feb week 2

week two exacted a toll. it started off on a positive note, riding high on the encouraging results of week 1.
but then the reality of it being week 2 set in...it's far enough in that i'm getting tired, but not far enough in to start feeling the encouraging pull of the end of the month.
friday was a low point, after a super exasperating day in the shop thursday, and an uninspired run friday night, my resolve wanted to slip.
but, as luck would have it, kim's brilliant suggestion about table rock saved the day, week, and maybe even the barkley?!
the week finished behind what's needed, but thanks to sunday's effort it was solidly acceptable and keeps things on track.

8th - 15.0 mi w/1,200' on the Blacksnake Loop.
9th - 4.5 mi w/400' on the Blacksnake Loop.
10th - 12.0 mi w/ 1,600' at Paris Mountain.
11th - 14.0 mi w/2,000' at Paris Mountain.
12th - 28.8 mi w/10,000' at Table Rock.
13th - 11.5 mi w/1,200' on the Blacksnake Loop.
14th - 8.0 mi w/600' on the Blacksnake Loop.

totals for week 2 are: 93.8mi w/17,000'
bringing the 2 week total to 187.3mi w/41,000'

a bit behind even pace, but we like finishing strong, right?

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