Tuesday, February 7, 2012


a bunch of inspiring stuff going on out in the world right now.
a bunch of ridiculousness too.
maybe even some foolishness?

here's some very worthwhile thought provocation about how we spend our lives.

between ultrabrad spreading his inspiration, and matty-two-shoes giving us the usual good stuff from the woods, i've been thinking i need to write some stuff down.

first, my athletic goal this year remains the barkley, and running's been going pretty well so far this season.
november and december saw some decent miles and then from new years eve thru january i managed a good long run at least once a week, and even finished them all feeling strong.
ALTAR - 30 miles 8,000'
AT SPECIAL - 23 miles 3,000'
FH SPECIAL - 18 miles 8,500'
SULTAN BDAY - 33 miles 6,600'
MTNMIST - 38 miles 3,000'
all with solid miles in between.

February is the big month where successful frames are built on those solid foundations. I've mulled over quantifying the training.....not my usual preference, but i can't deny that numbers are incredibly motivating.
So, February i'm shooting for 400 miles and 100,000' of elevation gain.
I get an extra day to put that in since it's leap year, but i don't think i've ever managed 400 miles in a month before. (maybe after vol state a few years ago, but not sure about that)

"week 1" has been good.

1st - 10.0 mi w/ 1,750' at Paris Mountain.
2/3rd - 36.0 mi w/ 13,000' at Frozen Head.
4th - 18.0 mi w/ 6,600' at Frozen Head.
5th - 8.0 mi w/ 1,400' at Paris Mountain.
6th - 4.5 mi w/ 400' at Lake Oglethorpe.
7th - 17.0 mi w/ 850' on the Blacksnake Loop.

totals for week 1 are: 93.5 miles with 24,000'
solid, and i felt fluid and smooth tonight so it's at least semi-sustainable.

lots of frusciante on the ipod these days...

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