Sunday, February 28, 2010

feb recap

f: 20 miles, 2,000' - mind not right for 150 miler
s: 22 miles, 1,000' - fast run.

the last week didn't turn out like originally planned.
i was going to go out with a bang,
a 150 mile bang, the whole georgia AT, twice without stopping.
instead i wimped out and turned around after 10 miles, for a 20 mile workout.
my head just wasn't up to it this time.

with the 20 friday evening, and the 22 sunday evening, i did manage to get to

333.1 miles
70,700' gain

(not quite krupicka's 501 mi, 101,300', gosh that's impressive!?)

for the month.
this is approximately an average of 24 miles and 5,000' every other day.

technically i did not even come close to a real 30 miler every other day.
but i am almost satisfied.

if the last big workout had been accomplished i'd have done the equivalent.
granted, not completing that workout makes the numbers pale in comparison to the goal,
but the first three weeks speak for themselves.
i now have 3 weeks to continue preparing for barkley, and a week to rest.
i believe i can be ready. that was the purpose of the month.

looking forward to the coming 3 weeks of training,
i had a dream last night in which i finished (and won, there were 3 other finishers) the barkley.

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UltraBrad said...


Nice training block, even without the 150 miler. Good luck staying healthy this month and train smart to get to the start healthy and rested. I know you can finish 5 laps.