Monday, February 15, 2010


week two february

m: 0.0
t: 0.0
w: 11.0 miles on AT, +2,000' (cancelled 50 miler due to conditions)
t: 27.0 miles on roads, +1,200'
f: 10.0 miles at FHSP, +2,000'
s: 16.0 miles at FHSP, +4,000'
s: 10.0 miles at FHSP, +2,600'

total: 74.0 miles, +11,800'

monday and tuesday i was waiting for weather.

wednesday i found it.
high winds, lots of slick ice, very cold temps....i called the 50 miler for safety.

thursday was trying to make up for wednesday. good road running.

friday was 10pm-2am in some more freezing ass cold.

saturday was an abbreviated long day, with good company.

sunday was a wrap up and much needed check of the falls and jaw.

a good week although the miles didn't pile up. next week's got some catching up to do.

cumulative for feb:
200.6 miles, +46,300'

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