Sunday, February 21, 2010


week three february

m: 0.0
t: 0.0
w: 15.5 miles on roads, 900'
t: 15.0 miles on roads, 700'
f: 56.0 miles heartbreak 100k, 17,000'
s: finishing friday run
s: 4.0 miles in marion, mt. ida, 800'

total: 90.5 miles, +19,400'

monday and tuesday were rest

wednesday was a solid an exciting road run that felt good and finished fast with metallica in the ears. it was super cold and windy. windy!

thursday was a tired but solid run in slightly warmer conditions

wow. will add some here soon.

up and over mt ida from matt's place. with lily too.
beautiful day, warm, almost too warm...shook things out.
felt better than expected, but that doesn't mean i felt good!

a bit behind on the goal, but a very solid week, my feet hurt, my legs are heavy, and when i start resting, i'm gonna be getting seriously stronger.

cumulative for feb:
291.1 miles, +65,700'
in mountains:
210.0 miles, +61,700'

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