Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tree frog and caesars head

ran byron's idea of the caesars head double marathon yesterday.
furman to jones gap state park, up to caesars head state park, then back down to furman.
48-50 miles in 8:30 or so. quite a rainy day. fun stuff, and churned out the last 15 or so at 7:30-8:00min/mi pace. felt good and the legs are A1 today. nice confidence boost, and really enjoyed the time out there.

side note: saw my first tree frog at the lake house tonight.
plenty of other wildlife all the time....king snakes, black racers, squirrels, deer, myriad birds, lizards, etc, but hadn't seen a tree frog...of course, technically this is a "gutter frog" since that's where i spotted him/her....

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