Tuesday, March 3, 2009


foot traffic:
barkley - t-minus one month!
training to include 7 day 230 mile hike next week. intense.
(fueled by 2 lbs each of: peanuts, raisins, granola, beef jerky, skittles, and hershey's chocolate)
(i am gonna be dieing for a freakin hamburger!)

machine/inventor shop:
carbon fiber brake levers - lighter than campy, and for small hands. almost done.
carbon fiber trekking poles - under 4 oz. each, adjustable from 30"-50". still prototyping.
titanium/carbon fiber pedals - the idea has merit, gotta prototype. exciting.

actually getting paid for:
laser assisted machining research - prove that if you are cutting really hard metals then you can save money by hitting them with a laser just before they're cut...softening them and allowing them to be cut faster and with cheaper tooling.

fun busy times in laniak world.
deboomp, woman!
anybody know benial haley?

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Mohammed said...

Id like to order a pair of carbon fiber trekking poles!