Tuesday, March 30, 2010

experiencing purity

this years barkley is over.
i am really happy.

being out there may have torn me down again,
but it was a healing time that i've been needing, too.

i've experienced heart break, starting a business, and the continuing search for goals and wants and needs and meaning.
some things have not felt certain or concrete, and i have struggled.

i have been reminded that it is absolutely glorious to be alive.

my highlights:

pre-exploration with GOOD FRIEND byron, in the snow on monday

pre-exploration with GOOD FRIEND mike, in the beautiful warmth on wednesday

complete purity and joy blasting down trail with byron and mike, meeting JB and travis.

in camp shenanigan's all week, dinner with johnny D, leonard and byron.

feeling so good and relaxed on loop one. i haven't been that happy in a long run or event in over two years.

meeting blake and cracking a joke as i descended rat jaw. the view of the petros valley had me in a state of purity and bliss.

leading most of the loop with jim nelson, and being the first ones to go through the tunnel. SO COOL!

heading out on loop 2 and being ready and happy.

turning my light on while collecting my page at the base of the spectacle on loop 2.

enjoying the breeze and the beauty of evening on loop 2.

waiting for jim and sharing raw dog falls, pig head creek, rat jaw, and the prison
on loop 2. still leading....fun.

watching jim disappear strongly on the bad thing.

nailing the needle's eye and competently hitting the bottom of zipline alone on a

moonlit night with intense downbursts of cool air blowing the leaves all over big hell.

friends in camp after 20:45 for two loops.

dad being there with me.

hearing gary say i am "easily on pace for 5 loops." (chuckle)

resting with a stomach that was having a new experience...shutting down.

descending hell on loop 3, asking alan for an aspirin and losing a minute because i stopped being vigilant, just for 10 seconds.

starting up zipline and hearing the rain move in like a locomotive from the SW....a LOCOMOTIVE!

adrenaline pulling us up zipline in survival mode.

slowly nailing the descent of the bad thing.
FREEZING toes under the prison.

quitting at the prison but still climbing uber rat jaw.

o-meliating back to camp

dad being there with me

telling everyone alan wouldn't do it on his own, and being wrong. (very impressed, alan)

laying in the van "coming down."

sharing in camp

witnessing the 3 talented, skilled, strong, tough fun runners come in.

witnessing JB's STRENGTH.

knowing that it's within each and every one of us.

having a place in this world, and knowing that WE'RE ALIVE!

peace barkers

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