Saturday, September 12, 2009


it feels like fall is close, there have been a couple cool days and nights.

the goal as it stands is to prove that starting the business and running alot at the same time is possible.

the business is coming along at mach 4, one big job completed a couple weeks ago, and 2 more in process......

the running is solid but not stellar, 50 mile weeks are doable but 65-70 seems out there.

this fall/winter are available for big games, should i be ready and equipped for them....
run across north georgia,
NC to springer speed,
100 miles on the track,

thus far the regular 9-12 mile trail runs at cochran shoals and the 15.4 mile home loop in athens are the places for work to be done, just need to get from 4-5 days/week to 5-6 days/week.
and need to be ok heading out for long ones on the weekends.....not easy, but fun.

most amazing: level of productivity/effectiveness now compared to any time in the is higher, period.



Racin' Reuter said...

Hey man, let meknow if you are interested in setting speed record to NC. I am down like Charlie Brown.

carl said...

dude, i don't know how to contact you. i sent you a message on the guts forum page with my e-mail address. hit me up.